Preparation before the interview

  • Researching the company shows your initiative, enthusiasm and a keen interest in the role. Company websites are a good source of information. You can use them to research the products and services, corporate details and recent company news.
  • You should think about the role and analyse the job description of which relates your skill and experience to the role requirement. Focus on the skills you believe that can offer most value to the Company. Always have practical examples ready to support your statements.
  • Preparation of your own questions based on a detailed understanding of the role before you commit to anything. Why the role became available, what you will be responsible for and how your performance will be measured.

On the day

  • Making sure you know the time and location of your appointment.
  • Making sure bringing all relevant certificates and reference letter. If available, prepare a copy of these certificates and reference letter for the interviewer.
  • Appropriate dressing of which should be tidy and presentable
  • If you are going to be late, call ahead and let the interviewer know.

During the interview

  • Have confidence in your research and preparation.
  • Relax, listen carefully to the questions and keep your response concise and positive.
  • Using practical examples to illustrate your skills and show how they suit the role and the company.
  • Maintain eye contact and remain attentive throughout.

After the interview

  • Writing down a short summary of the interview while it is still fresh in your mind.
  • Notes the areas in which you feel you went well, as well as any questions you found difficult to answer. This will help you to prepare for a possible second interview, or with future interviews for other roles.
  • Call your recruitment consultant and provide feedback. Your consultant needs to know your views on the interview and the role before contacting the employer.




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