Job Types Qualification Experience Monthly Salary Range HK$
Accounts Clerk F.5/DSE+LCC Intermediate 1-2 yrs 10-14K
Accounts Clerk F.5/DSE+LCC Intermediate 2-4 yrs 14-16K
Assistant Accountant LCCI Higher / Diploma/ ACCA I 3-6 yrs 16-20K
Accountant F.7 graduate ACCA II/ Diploma 5-8 yrs 25-35K
Accounting Manager Degree 5 yrs 35-50K
Senior Accountant Degree, ACCA   28-45K
Finance Manager/Controller Degree, ACCA   40-80K
Finance (and Admin) Manager Degree 7 yrs+ 40-80K
Banking / Finance      
Bills Clerk F.5 graduate 0-2 yrs 10-12K
Bills Manager Diploma / Degree 5-10 yrs 25-50K
Bills Officer F.7 / Certificate 3-7 yrs 15-24K
Analyst Degree 3-5 yrs 25-45K
Customer Services Officer Diploma / Degree 2-5 yrs 12-20K
Dealer / Trader Degree / Master 5-10 yrs 18-50K+
Loan / Credit Manager Degree 4-10 yrs 25-60K
Marketing Officer/Marketing Manager Degree Holder 3-7 yrs+ 18-50K
Risk Manager Degree / Master 5-10 yrs+ 40-50K+
Risk Officer Diploma / Degree 3-10 yrs 25-40K
Settlement Manager Degree 8-10 yrs+ 30-50K
Settlement Officer F.7 / Diploma 3-8 yrs 20-30K
Building Service Engineer Diploma/Degree 3-8 yrs 25-35K
E & M Engineer Diploma/Degree 2-5 yrs 25-50K
Foreman Certificate 3 yrs+ 15-30K
Project Manager - E&M Degree 7-10 yrs 50-70K
Quantity Surveyor Diploma/Degree 5-10 yrs 20-35K+
Site Agent Certificate/Diploma 2-5 yrs 30-35K+
Driver F.5 graduate 2-10 yrs 16-25K
Office Assistant F.5 graduate 0-5 yrs 9-12K
Clerk F.5 graduate 0-2 yrs 10-15K
Receptionist F.5 graduate 1-3 yrs 10-18K
Senior Clerk F.5 graduate 3 yrs 12-20K
Interior Designer Diploma+ 2-8 yrs 18-25K
Fashion Designer Diploma+ 2-5 yrs 18-22K
Product Designer Diploma+ 3-5 yrs 18-22K
Graphic Designer Diploma+ 2-4 yrs 12-20K
Cab Draftsman Certificate+ 2-4 yrs 12-20K
Web Designer Certificate+ 2-5 yrs 12-20K
Engineer Diploma or above 2-5 yrs 15-28K
Project Engineer Diploma or above 2-5 yrs 16-32K
Sales Engineer Diploma or above 2-5 yrs 18-32K
Senior Engineer Diploma or above 5-8 yrs 28-35K
Engeering Manager Diploma or above 8-10 yrs 35-55K
Hotel / Retail      
Head of Department   10 yrs+ 60K+
Asst Head of Department   0-5 yrs 26-30K
Restaurant Manager   6 yrs+ 22.5-27K
Front Office Manager   10 yrs 28K+
Shop Supervisor   2-4 yrs 18-35K
Shop Manager   5-6 yrs 28K+
Operation Manager   10 yrs+ 40-65K
Asst Shop Manager   2-4 yrs 18K+C
Human Resources & Administration      
Human Resources Officer Degree 2 yrs+ 17-26K
Admin Officer Diploma/Degree 2-5 yrs 17-25K
Administration Manager Degree 5 yrs 40-50K
Human Resources Manager Degree 5 yrs+ 60-70K
Assistant Administration Manager Degree 8-12 yrs 28-56K
Information Technology      
Technical Support High Diploma/Degree 2-5 yrs 17-25K
Computer Operator F.5/Diploma Holer 2-5 yrs 15-25K
Programmer High Diploma/Degree 2-5 yrs 25-35K
Technical Engineer High Diploma/Degree 3-5 yrs 20-30K
Analyst Programmer Degree 3-5 yrs 30-50K
Systems Network Engineer Degree 2-10 yrs 20-35K
System Analyst Degree 5 yrs+ 35-50K
Manager Degree Holder of above 5 yrs+ 50-80K
Legal Secretary FST+Legal Firm Ep 3-5 yrs 16-28K
Co. Secretary Assistant ICSA 2-3 yrs 15-20K
Co. Secretary ICSA Qualify 5 yrs+ 30-50K
Shipping Clerk F.5 graduate 0-5 yrs 11-17K
Shipping Supervisor F.5 graduate 2-6 yrs 15-22K
Shipping Manager F.5 graduate 5-10 yrs 18-30K
Logistics Manager Degree 5-10 yrs 30-50K
Customer Services Officer F.5 graduate 1-5 yrs 12-18K
Air Operation Clerk F.5 graduate 1-5 yrs 12-18K
Warehouse Assistant F.5 graduate 2-5 yrs 9-12K
Warehouse Manager Degree+ 5-10yrs 18-45K
Marketing/PR/Business Development      
Marketing Clerk F.5/F.7 0-2 yrs 12-14K
Marketing Executive Diploma/Degree 2-5 yrs 15-20K
Account Executive U graduate/F.7 2-5 yrs 14-30K
Account Manager U graduate 3-5 yrs 25-45K
Senior Marketing Executive U graduate/F.7 3-5 yrs 20-30K
Business Development Manager U graduate 5-8 yrs 35K+
Assistant Marketing Manager U graduate 5-8 yrs 28-35K
Marketing Manager U graduate 8-10 yrs 40-65K
PR Manager Degree 6-8 yrs 35-65K
PR Executive Diploma/Degree 1-4 yrs 16-25K
PR Assistant Cert/Diploma 1-4 yrs 12-16K
Meida & Communication      
Media Manager   3-8 yrs 30-50K
Creative Director   8-10 yrs 70K+
Media Director   8-10 yrs 55K+
Executive Media Director   8-10 yrs 60-70K
Media Planner   1-2 yrs 12K
Merchandising Clerk F.5 graduate 1-2 yrs 10-12K
Quality Controller F.5 graduate 3-5 yrs 13-27K
Assistant Merchandiser F.5 graduate 2-5 yrs 11-15K
Merchandiser F.5 graduate 3-5 yrs 16-25K
Senior Merchandiser Cert/Diploma/Degree 5 yrs+ 22-30K
Merchandising Manager Cert/Diploma/Degree 10 yrs 35-60K
Real Estate & Property Management      
Estate Comm/Service   0-2 yrs 10K+C
Branch Manager   5-8 yrs 11-13K+C
Regional Manager   5-8 yrs 12-15K+C
Property Officer   2-8 yrs 38K
Property Manager   8 yrs+ 42-60K
Leasing Officer   2-8 yrs 15-25K
Leasing Manager   8 yrs+ 25-45K
Sales Executive F.5 - F.7 2-3 yrs 11-15K+C
Tele-marketer F.5 - F.7 1-3 yrs 12-14K+C
Sales Coordinator F.5 graduate+ 1-5 yrs 10-25K
Customer Services Officer F.5 graduate + 1-3 yrs 15.5-25.5K
Assistant Sales Manager Degree 2-5yrs 12-30K+C
Sales Manager Degree 5 yrs+ 25-35K
Junior Secretary F.5 graduate 1-2 yrs 15-20K
Secretary FST 1-5 yrs 18-35K
Senior Secretary Degree+FST 5-8 yrs 35-40K
Executive Secretary/PA Degree+FST 8 yrs+ 35-56K

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